Webinars & Training Videos

Webinars and training videos are a great way to learn more about #NYGivesDay campaign strategies, and put your organization on the path to success! Join us for a live webinar with your #NYGivesDay team, or check out the pre-recorded training videos designed to help you learn more about specific topics of all levels. No matter the size and shape of your organization, we've got the tools to help you succeed!

Live Webinars

Getting Ready for #NYGivesDay

Wednesday, September 20

12:00 PM ET -1:00 PM ET

Learn everything you need to know about #NYGivesDay, including how to register your organization for the big event and the features available to make your organization as successful as possible. We’ll conclude by answering any of your #NYGivesDay questions and highlighting the resources available to make getting ready for #NYGivesDay a breeze!

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Final Steps to Success for #NYGivesDay

Wednesday, November 1

12:00 PM ET -1:00 PM ET

With only a few weeks until #NYGivesDay, there’s still plenty of time to make sure your #NYGivesDay campaign is ready to go. In this webinar we’ll go over last minute tips and best practices to engage with your supporters and be successful on #NYGivesDay. The #NYGivesDay team will also be available to answer any and all of your last minute questions.

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Training Videos - Series 101

For organizations in search of the #NYGivesDay essentials, look no further! Our 101 Level Training Videos will highlight some of the most important steps every organization should take to prepare for a successful #NYGivesDay campaign. Perfect for organizations of any size or capacity!

Getting Ready - 15 Min

Interested in participating in #NYGivesDay? We'll cover the benefits of participating in a giving day and how to sign up your organization to be a part of the fun! We’ll also point you towards other tools and resources available to make your giving day as successful as possible.

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Giving Day Basics - 20 Min

Are you excited about participating in #NYGivesDay, but not sure where to start or what to prioritize? This training course will highlight the five essential steps to ensuring your organization has a strong showing on #NYGivesDay without exhausting your limited time and resources.

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Creating The Perfect Profile - 20 Min

Your #NYGivesDay profile is the first thing your donors will see during the big event. This training course will show you how to create and customize an engaging #NYGivesDay profile that will entice potential supporters and successfully highlight your organization’s unique stories.

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Telling Your Story - 20 Min

Storytelling goes beyond your organization’s overall mission, and allows potential supporters to connect with your work and feel like they can make a difference. We’ll share our best practices for telling engaging stories to make your donors feel like the champions they are.

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Spreading The Word - 30 Min

You’ve completed your #NYGivesDay profile, and now it’s time to share it with the world! We’ll cover the many ways your organization can promote #NYGivesDay across multiple platforms as well as best best practices for creating action driven content for your supporters.

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Thanking Your Donors - 20 Min

After your success on #NYGivesDay it’s time to thank the supporters who helped you reach your goals. In this training course we’ll cover how to thank all of your donors effectively and share tips, strategies, and best practices for donor stewardship success on #NYGivesDay and beyond!

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Training Videos - Series 201

Take your #NYGivesDay campaign to the next level! In our 201 Level Training Videos we'll highlight ways in which your organization can run a successful #NYGivesDay campaign through more specific strategies.

Goal Setting Strategies - 20 Min

Before you dive into your #NYGivesDay campaign, take the time to assess your goals! In this training outline we’ll share the importance of setting clear goals as well as best practices and strategies for how you can make the most out of #NYGivesDay.

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The Power of P2P Fundraising - 15 Min

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising is a great way to expand your reach on #NYGivesDay by utilizing your most passionate supporters to share their stories and fundraise on behalf of your organization.

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Creative Engagement Ideas - 15 Min

#NYGivesDay is the perfect opportunity to engage your supporters both online and off! We'll share nonprofit best practices and creative ways to engage and excite your supporters on #NYGivesDay.

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Social Media Strategies - 30 Min

Social media is a great way to engage with your supporters and get them excited about #NYGivesDay! We’ll cover the basics of several popular social media platforms, and how to best leverage them to reach your goals on #NYGivesDay.

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Scheduling Communications - 20 Min

When preparing for #NYGivesDay, your communications with supporters can play an enormous role in your overall success. We’ll cover supporter communication best practices and highlight tools your organization can use for more efficient and effective online engagement.

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A Picture Tells A Thousand Words - 25 Min

Images have the power to tell stories and evoke emotion in your supporters and potential donors. In this training course we’ll go over the impact images can have on your supporters, and how to improve your online engagement during #NYGivesDay and beyond!

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Training Videos - Series 301

For the Giving Day gurus interested in getting the most out of your #NYGivesDay experience. Our 301 Level Training Videos will highlight best practices and strategies for stronger engagement on #NYGivesDay and beyond!

Engaging Your Board - 15 Min

Getting your board on board for #NYGivesDay can be a pivotal step in your overall giving day success. In this training course, we’ll cover strategies and best practices for engaging with your board before, during, and after #NYGivesDay.

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Matching Challenges - 15 Min

Matching challenges are an exciting way to motivate your donors to make a greater impact on #NYGivesDay and beyond! In this training course we’ll cover best practices for finding sponsors and how to utilize your matching dollars for maximum engagement.

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Gamifying Your Giving Day - 10 Min

#NYGivesDay is the perfect opportunity to have a little fun with your supporters while motivating them to have a greater impact on your organization. In this training course, we’ll cover how you can utilize the momentum of #NYGivesDay to create exciting challenges for your supporters.

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Retaining New Donors

After #NYGivesDay, it's important to celebrate your new supporters, and start building your new relationships. In this training course we’ll cover strategies for retaining your new donors through engaging opportunities within your organization.

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Building Better Relationships - 20 Min

After #NYGivesDay, it’s time to steward your donors and acknowledge their generous support. In this training course, we’ll cover stewardship best practices and strategies for building stronger and longer lasting relationships with your supporters.

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GiveGab After Your Giving Day

Learn about GiveGab, your #NYGivesDay tech partner, and the nonprofit fundraising and supporter engagement tools available to your organization year round! We’ll give an overview of some of our most popular features and pricing plans on GiveGab.

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