Why Should You Join #NYGivesDay

There are many reasons to join #NYGivesDay! But don't take it from us. Take it from the several nonprofits that joined last year and had a very successful day! Submit your testimonial below through our Social Media Survey to have a chance to be featured on the #NYGivesDay 2018 Instagram!

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S.W.B.A.T.E, Inc.

“I'm participating in #NYGivesDay because I am fully aware that as a new nonprofit organization, every dollar raised goes directly towards giving students the opportunity to intern abroad."

-Nia Brown, Founder of S.W.B.A.T.E, Inc.
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Cayuga Lake Floating Classroom

"I'm participating in #NYGivesDay to help the Floating Classroom acquire "A Boat for Everyone" to expand its educational programs and capability for public eco-tours of our beautiful FingerLakes."

- Colleen, Advisory Board Member,Cayuga Lake Floating Classroom
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Bright Hill Press, Inc.

"I"m participating in #NYGivesDay because it is our 25th Anniversary year of bringing literature, arts, and arts education to the Catskills, our founding director is retiring, and we have $2,500 left to raise toward our goal of $50,000!"

- Beatrice, Executive Director,Bright Hill Press, Inc.
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CRCF - Kids & Cancer

"I'm participating in #NYGivesDay because our motto is "Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference." Our mission is to help families through the financial strain when a child becomes ill with cancer or other life-threatening illnesses."

- Beverly, CRCF - Kids & Cancer
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Family Resource Network, Inc.

"Our organization is participating in #NYGivesDay because the money raised will help support the programming that the Family Resource Network provides for individuals with disabilities."

- Blake, Youth Programming Coordinator, Family Resource Network, Inc.
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